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Jennifer Juan returns, to share her early onset midlife crisis, with her fifth major poetry collection, 27, With A White Lighter. A reflection of her life so far, and what the future holds, Juan muses over romance, the meaning of life, drug culture, sexuality, Brexit, and so much more.

The collection includes the poem “Toyland”, a playful look at first loves and the dangers of romance, which was recently shortlisted for the Zealous.co “Zealous Stories: Poetry” competition. Full of contemplative verses, in her signature raw and empathetic style, Juan guides the reader through her most personal and reflective work yet, discussing the facts of life, from the perspective of an inquisitive millennial, toying with the past and looking towards the future.

27, With A White Lighter will be released worldwide, December 3rd 2019.

“The poems are vivid, powerful and intense at times. I enjoyed the collection so much I read it in one sitting.” – Pamela Scott, Blogger and Author

“Are there hints of Sylvia Plath? A very chatty anthology with mentions of love and hate, politics, abuse and fascinations in general.” –  Laura Sansom, Writer and Blogger

“To sum up, this is not another book of hard to fathom, out of reach poetry – Juan’s language is accessible and the poems are about the here and now, about contemporary subjects that we are all familiar with and that, to me, is its big appeal. So if you enjoy raw, hard-hitting poetry, make sure you check out this collection when it’s released next month – I promise you won’t be disappointed!” – KateKreates.co.uk

“This very talented writer engages the reader with verses of truth and devastating irony that lurk in our everyday lives” – kelemchi.co.uk

“I guess the reality of life is right here in her poems, she’s so current and relative to many people of all ages, but I especially think she is so current with the society we live in today. I look forward to reading more materials from her.” – Vicky Winley, Blogger and Model.

“I absolutely adored reading this volume, and will most definitely be spending some time enjoying Jennifer Juan’s other works.” – adventureandanxiety.com

“Juan just has a beautiful way of describing feelings. Her imagery is stunning yet she uses simple wording, which allows her work to appeal to a much wider audience.” – joyfulantidotes.com


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